Jobs Outlook: Medical and Health Services Managers

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Employment of medical and health services managers is expected to grow faster than the average for all occupations through 2012, as the health services industry continues to expand and diversify. Opportunities will be especially good in offices of physicians and other health practitioners, home healthcare services, and outpatient care centers. Applicants with work experience in the healthcare field and strong business and management skills should have the best opportunities.

Hospitals will continue to employ the most medical and health services managers over the projection period. However, the number of new jobs created in hospitals is expected to increase at a slower rate than in many other industries, as hospitals focus on controlling costs and increasing the utilization of clinics and other alternate care sites. Medical and health services managers with experience in large facilities will enjoy the best job opportunities, as hospitals become larger and more complex. Employment will grow the fastest in practitionersí offices and in home healthcare agencies. Many services previously provided in hospitals will continue to shift to these sectors, especially as medical technologies improve. Demand in medical group practice management will grow as medical group practices become larger and more complex. Medical and health services managers will need to deal with the pressures of cost containment and financial accountability, as well as with the increased focus on preventive care. They also will become more involved in trying to improve the health of their communities. Managers with specialized experience in a particular field, such as reimbursement, should have good opportunities.

Medical and health services managers also will be employed by healthcare management companies who provide management services to hospitals and other organizations, as well as to specific departments such as emergency, information management systems, managed care contract negotiations, and physician recruiting.

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