Salary, Wages, Pay: Forest, Conservation, and Logging Workers

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Earnings vary with the particular forestry or logging occupation and with experience. Earnings range from the minimum wage in some beginning forestry and conservation positions to about $28.23 an hour for some experienced fallers. Median hourly earnings in 2002 for forest, conservation, and logging occupations were as follows:

Fallers $13.54
Log graders and scalers 13.08
Logging equipment operators 12.88
Forest and conservation workers 9.12

Earnings of logging workers vary by size of establishment and by geographic area. Workers in the largest establishments earn more than those in the smallest ones. Workers in Alaska and the Northwest earn more than those in the South, where the cost of living is generally lower.

Forest and conservation workers who work for State and local governments or for large, private firms generally enjoy more generous benefits than do workers in smaller firms. Small logging contractors generally offer timber-cutting and logging workers few benefits. However, some employers offer full-time workers basic benefits, such as medical coverage, and provide safety apparel and equipment.

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