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Health and Medical Career Profiles and Statistics

The Healthcare industry is one of the largest employers in the United States. In addition, the projected growth rate is quite high. Demand for Healthcare services will scale rapidly as the "Baby Boomer" generation gets to retirement age.

Currently, there are about 14 million people employed in the industry, and this is projected to grow by 23 million more jobs by 2016. This is a faster growth rate than any other job category. In fact, of the 20 fastest growing occupations in the United States, seven of them are healthcare occupations.

Below you will see JobBankUSA's profiles on dozens of medical career options, organized into categories. Each profile will provide you with detailed information on where the jobs are, and the pay scale range for the jobs in each area. You can also find a list of schools that provide the education and training required for those jobs.

In the table below, the Expected Growth rating was determined as follows, using forecasted job growth data over the 10 year period 2006-2016:

  • Very High indicates growth in the number of jobs of 20% or more over the period
  • High indicates growth of 10-20%
  • Medium indicates growth of 5-10%
  • Low indicates growth of 0-5%
  • Very Low indicates a loss of jobs over the 10 year period

Animal Care

Job TitleWorkersExpected GrowthMedian Wage% With Degrees
Vet Technicians71,000very high$27,00016%
Veterinarian Assistants75,000high$20,00010%

Medical Admin

Job TitleWorkersExpected GrowthMedian Wage% With Degrees
Health Information Technicians170,000high$28,00012%
Medical Administrative Assistants408,000high$28,00018%
Medical Transcription Specialists98,000high$30,00010%

Medical Practice

Job TitleWorkersExpected GrowthMedian Wage% With Degrees
Clinical Counselors And Psychologists152,000high$59,00099%

Medical Service

Job TitleWorkersExpected GrowthMedian Wage% With Degrees
Cardiovascular Technicians45,000very high$42,00025%
Dental Hygiene Techs167,000very high$63,00033%
Dental Laboratory Techs53,000low$33,00012%
Dentist Aides280,000very high$30,0009%
Doctors Assistants66,000very high$75,00067%
Home Caregivers787,000very high$19,0007%
Medical Lab Techs167,000high$50,00051%
Medical Laboratory Techs151,000high$33,00051%
Occupation Therapists99,000very high$60,00090%
Pharamcy Assistants50,000very low$19,00010%
Pharmacy Techs285,000very high$26,00016%
Professional Medical Assistants417,000very high$26,00010%
Professional Radiation Therapists15,000very high$66,00042%
Professional Respiratory Therapists102,000very high$47,00028%
Professional Respiratory Therapy Techs19,000low$39,00016%
Professional Surgical Techs86,000very high$36,00016%
Radiologic Technologists196,000high$48,00025%
Recreational Therapy Providers25,000low$35,00077%
Ultrasound Technicians46,000high$57,00025%

Rn Lpn Nursing

Job TitleWorkersExpected GrowthMedian Wage% With Degrees
LPN Nurses749,000high$37,0007%
Nursing Aides1,447,000high$22,0007%
RNs2,505,000very high$57,00056%


Job TitleWorkersExpected GrowthMedian Wage% With Degrees
Fitness Trainers235,000very high$26,00047%
Physical Health Therapist Aides46,000very high$22,00023%
Physical Health Therapist Assistants60,000very high$41,00023%
Professional Massage Therapists118,000very high$33,00032%
Professional Physical Therapists173,000very high$66,00089%

This list of different careers and education information including online degrees was provided by

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