Hospitality, Leisure, and Design Career Profiles and Statistics

Hospitality, leisure, and design careers provide for a wide range of occupations, all of which are oriented around people. For example, a graphic designer is usually tasked to create a design that is visually appealing to a person who sees it. A chef prepares a meal (or a menu) to be appealing to a person who then consumes it.

All of the careers listed below require training. In most cases this requirement can be satisfied through an vocational education program. These programs often take less than two years to complete.

For each of the careers listed on this page, JobBankUSA has assembled a profile. Each profile shows the number of jobs by major metro area, and salary information.

In the table below, the Expected Growth rating was determined as follows, using forecasted job growth data over the 10 year period 2006-2016:

  • Very High indicates growth in the number of jobs of 20% or more over the period
  • High indicates growth of 10-20%
  • Medium indicates growth of 5-10%
  • Low indicates growth of 0-5%
  • Very Low indicates a loss of jobs over the 10 year period


Job TitleWorkersExpected GrowthMedian Wage% With Degrees
Clothing Designer20,000medium$63,00055%
Graphic Design Specialists261,000medium$40,00055%
Merchandise And Product Displayers87,000high$24,00055%
Professional Floral Designers87,000very low$22,00055%
Professional Interior Designers72,000high$42,00055%

Food Preparation

Job TitleWorkersExpected GrowthMedian Wage% With Degrees
Cafeteria Cooks401,000high$20,0005%
Food Cooks16,000low$22,0005%
Head Cooks And Chefs115,000medium$34,00014%
Household Cooks5,000medium$23,0005%
Industrial And Other Bakers149,000high$22,0008%
Professional Food Preparers902,000high$17,0007%
Professional Food Service Managers350,000medium$43,00024%
Professional Restaurant Cooks850,000high$20,0005%
Professional Short Order Cooks195,000low$18,0005%
Restaruant Hosts351,000high$16,00017%


Job TitleWorkersExpected GrowthMedian Wage% With Degrees
Hotel And Motel Managers71,000high$42,00045%
Meeting Planners51,000high$42,00067%
Professional Travel Agents101,000low$29,00026%

Performing Arts

Job TitleWorkersExpected GrowthMedian Wage% With Degrees
Audio-Video Technicians And Operators50,000very high$35,00035%
Photography Professionals122,000high$26,00046%
Professional Multimedia Artists87,000very high$51,00058%
Television And Movie Camera Operators27,000high$40,00058%
TV And Radio Broadcast Engineers38,000high$31,00035%
Video And Film Editors21,000high$47,00058%


Job TitleWorkersExpected GrowthMedian Wage% With Degrees
Hair Washer29,000high$16,00010%
Hairdressers And Beauticians617,000high$21,0006%
Manicurists78,000very high$19,00010%
Men's Hair Stylists60,000low$23,0004%

Transportation Service

Job TitleWorkersExpected GrowthMedian Wage% With Degrees
Professional Delivery Truck Drivers1,051,000medium$25,0004%
Professional Truck Drivers1,860,000high$35,0004%

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