Engineering and Science Career Profiles and Statistics

Engineering careers are for people who like to design and build new things. Engineering projects are often divided into many phases, such as requirements definition, design, implementation, and testing. Each phase plays a role in determining the quality and effectiveness of the product created.

Most engineering careers require a bachelor's degree level of education, such as a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. More advanced degrees exist as well, at the Masters and Doctorate level.

JobBankUSA has assembled detailed profiles for a number of popular engineering careers. The profiles are listed below. Each profile details where the most popular jobs can be found, and the average amount that they pay.

In the table below, the Expected Growth rating was determined as follows, using forecasted job growth data over the 10 year period 2006-2016:

  • Very High indicates growth in the number of jobs of 20% or more over the period
  • High indicates growth of 10-20%
  • Medium indicates growth of 5-10%
  • Low indicates growth of 0-5%
  • Very Low indicates a loss of jobs over the 10 year period

Computer Operation

Job TitleWorkersExpected GrowthMedian Wage% With Degrees
Computer Analysts504,000very high$70,00068%
Computer Scientists25,000very high$94,00068%
Computer Support Technicians552,000high$41,00043%
Computer System Technicians136,000high$69,00068%
Data Network Administrators309,000very high$62,00050%
Data Network Analysts262,000very high$65,00057%
Database Admins119,000very high$65,00072%
Software Application Engineers507,000very high$80,00085%
Software Developers435,000very low$66,00073%
System SW Engineers350,000very high$85,00085%

Physical And Natural Science

Job TitleWorkersExpected GrowthMedian Wage% With Degrees
Professional Foresters13,000medium$51,00086%

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