Education and Social Service Career Profiles and Statistics

Careers in education or social services require a high degree of interaction with people. Teachers interact with students. Social Workers and counselors interact with their patients. Other professions, such as law enforcement and legal, also require a lot of communication with people.

All of these careers require training. In some cases a four year degree is not required, and in others a shorter time investment in education is all that is required.

Below you will find the profiles of some of the most popular professions. JobBankUSA has assembled a detailed profile on each of these professions. Each profile provides detailed salary information by metro area, as well as where the most jobs are.

In the table below, the Expected Growth rating was determined as follows, using forecasted job growth data over the 10 year period 2006-2016:

  • Very High indicates growth in the number of jobs of 20% or more over the period
  • High indicates growth of 10-20%
  • Medium indicates growth of 5-10%
  • Low indicates growth of 0-5%
  • Very Low indicates a loss of jobs over the 10 year period

Community And Social Service

Job TitleWorkersExpected GrowthMedian Wage% With Degrees
Counseling Professionals27,000high$38,00073%
Drug Abuse Counselors83,000very high$34,00073%
Family Social Workers282,000high$37,00077%
Human And Social Services Assistants339,000very high$26,00058%
Marriage And Family Therapy Providers25,000very high$43,00073%
Mental Health And Drug Abuse Social Workers122,000very high$35,00077%
Professional Social Service Managers130,000very high$52,00072%
Psychological Counselors100,000very high$34,00073%
Public And Private Social Workers66,000high$44,00077%
Public Health Social Workers124,000very high$43,00077%
School And Vocational Counselors260,000high$48,00073%

Correctional And Police

Job TitleWorkersExpected GrowthMedian Wage% With Degrees
Correctional Guards442,000high$36,00011%
Crime Detectives And Investigators106,000high$58,00054%
Private Detectives52,000high$34,00052%

Law And Legal Clerical

Job TitleWorkersExpected GrowthMedian Wage% With Degrees
Law Professionals761,000high$102,00099%
Legal Assistants275,000high$38,00018%
Paralegals238,000very high$43,00045%
Stenotype Reporter19,000very high$46,00038%


Job TitleWorkersExpected GrowthMedian Wage% With Degrees
College And University Administrators131,000high$74,00078%
Daycare Teachers437,000very high$23,00043%
Elementary And Secondary School Administrators226,000medium$78,00078%
Grade School Teachers1,540,000high$46,00095%
High School Special Education Teachers138,000medium$48,00087%
High School Vocational Teachers96,000very low$49,00096%
JR High School Teachers658,000high$46,00095%
Junior High School Special Ed Teachers102,000high$48,00087%
Junior High School Vocation Teachers16,000very low$44,00095%
Secondary Education Teachers1,038,000medium$48,00096%
Teachers Assistants1,312,000high$21,00018%

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