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People pursuing careers in business come from a wide range of backgrounds and training. Certainly there are business focused degree programs, such as a Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) or Masters of Business Administration (MBA). But many people enter into business management occupations after completing degrees in subjects such as history, music, or other liberal arts careers.

One reason for this is that business careers require a strong understanding of social and cultural issues, and a mind that has been trained to be perceptive. Liberal Arts backgrounds can be quite helpful in preparing a person in these areas.

Many people with an entrepreneurial bent form their own companies. This can be the result of "bootstrapping" the business (where the founders self fund the new company) or based on receiving investments frmo third parties, such as angels (individual private investors) or venture capitalists (VCs).

Regardless of the type of business career you are looking to pursue, you will find JobBankUSA's profiles on dozens of business careers, below, to be useful. Each comes with details on where the most jobs are found for each career, and salary information as well.

In the table below, the Expected Growth rating was determined as follows, using forecasted job growth data over the 10 year period 2006-2016:

  • Very High indicates growth in the number of jobs of 20% or more over the period
  • High indicates growth of 10-20%
  • Medium indicates growth of 5-10%
  • Low indicates growth of 0-5%
  • Very Low indicates a loss of jobs over the 10 year period

Agents Brokers And Sales

Job TitleWorkersExpected GrowthMedian Wage% With Degrees
Property Sales Brokers131,000high$61,00045%
Real Estate Agents432,000high$40,00045%
Retail Sales Supervisors1,676,000low$34,00025%

Business Operation

Job TitleWorkersExpected GrowthMedian Wage% With Degrees
Benefits Managers49,000high$75,00058%
Benefits Specialists110,000high$50,00056%
Budget Administrators And Analysts62,000medium$61,00078%
CPAs And Other Accountants1,274,000high$55,00079%
Health Services Supervisors262,000high$73,00057%
HR Managers58,000high$89,00058%
Human Resource Workers214,000high$52,00056%
Job Placement Specialists197,000high$42,00056%
Market Research Specialists234,000very high$59,00082%
Professional Economists15,000medium$77,000100%

Construction Service

Job TitleWorkersExpected GrowthMedian Wage% With Degrees
Electrical Workers705,000medium$44,0007%

Management And Supervisory

Job TitleWorkersExpected GrowthMedian Wage% With Degrees
Food Prep And Service Supervisors817,000high$27,00014%
Non-Retail Sales Supervisors530,000low$66,00038%

Office Worker

Job TitleWorkersExpected GrowthMedian Wage% With Degrees
Admin And Office Support Workers320,000very low$27,00032%
Administrative Assistants1,940,000low$27,00018%
Administrative Support Specialists1,618,000high$37,00018%
General Office Workers3,200,000high$24,00019%
Insurance Clerks254,000very low$31,00022%

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