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Do you tend to (more so than others):

_______Have trouble with your mind wandering?
_______Have trouble keeping your attention on one thing at a time?
_______Forget plans?
_______Have difficulty concentrating on tasks that are boring?
_______Feel a constant need to be doing things?
_______Find it difficult to just sit down and relax?
_______Be a workaholic?
_______Speak too rapidly and/or too much?
_______Change stations on the tv frequently?
_______Start things and take too long to finish them?
_______Be disorganized and/or not plan ahead?
_______Have a hard time sticking to a schedule?
_______Be overly argumentative?
_______Have a short fuse?
_______Easily get bored?
_______Get depressed easily?
_______React too strongly to the ups and downs of life?
_______Become angry, anxious or sick when under pressure?
_______Be moody?
_______Buy on impulse?
_______Lack motivation and ambition?
_______Interrupt others when they are talking?
_______Not learn from experiences, and repeat the same mistakes?
_______Damage or destroy good relationships by acting impulsively?
_______Make or break relationships often?
_______Have trouble getting along with people?
_______Be bossy?
_______Feel you have not achieved your full potential?
_______Have a hard time settling down to go to sleep at night?
_______Have poor handwriting?
_______Have a difficult time following through with instructions?
_______Fidget or squirm in your seat?
_______Lose things necessary to complete tasks?

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