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Administered Discovered Planned
Advised Disproved Prepared
Analyzed Distributed Prescribed
Arbitrated Drew up Presented
Arranged Edited Processed
Assembled Eliminated Produced
Assisted Evaluated Promoted
Audited Examined Protected
Built ExpandedProvided
Calculated Formulated Purchased
Charted Founded Realized
Collected Identified Received
Completed Implemented Recommended
Compounded Improved Recorded
Conducted Increased Reduced (losses)
Conserved Installed Referred
Consolidated Instituted Rendered
Constructed Instructed Represented
Consulted Interpreted Researched
Controlled Interviewed Restored
Coordinated Invented Reviewed
Corresponded Lectured Routed
Counseled Logged Selected
Created Maintained Served
Critiqued Managed Sold
Delivered Navigated Solved
Determined Negotiated Studied
Designed Obtained Supervised
Developed Operated Supplied
Devised Ordered Tested
Detected Organized Trained
Diagnosed Oversaw Translated
Directed Performed Wrote

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