GE Bringing 150 New Jobs To Schenectady

By Ken Jubie
Capital News 9

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July 27, 2007

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. -- Looks like the winds of economic prosperity could be blowing through Schenectady.

General Electric has announced the creation of a Wind Energy Center that brings with it 150 new, high paying jobs.

"It really shows a vote of confidence by GE in the Schenectady community," said Schenectady Mayor, Brian Stratton.

"Their employees enjoy being here and that they're ready to make a new investment in the County of Schenectady and the City of Schenectady," said Schenectady County Legislature Chair, Susan Savage.

The company's Vice President of Renewables said, "This headquarter expansion demonstrates our commitment to invest in wind technology and resources needed to meet the growing demand of this dynamic energy sector, which will continue to see double digit growth. We are adding over 150 new positions including senior leadership, product line leaders, and product service engineers which will help lead a global team of 2,000 employees."

"For a community that has been known far and wide recently as GE jobs leaving the community, it's not, every day that we get to stay here and, and smile and welcome 150 brand new GE jobs coming in here, so its just a wonderful day," said Stratton.

More like it could be on the horizon as wind energy use becomes more widespread.

GE plans to offer employees and customers wind turbine training and it wants to develop advanced renewable technologies--all in Schenectady County.

"Schenectady is experiencing an renaissance. And when one of the largest companies in the world reinvests in our community, that says a lot to people about how much we're coming back," said Schenectady County Chamber or Commerce Communications Vice President, Robin Granger.

County and City leaders in Schenectady agree that General Electric's commitment to developing this new technology there could help to make economic growth in the future, a breeze.


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