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By: Maria Patterson
St. Louis Work from Home Examiner

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June 9, 2009

You will find there are many companies hiring at home workers in St. Louis. However, finding legitimate work from home is the challenge. There are numerous scams for companies hiring at home workers, so please pay attention when researching and applying.

Finding work from home involves research for your own good. Try work from home forums such as Forums are online communities who talk about things in common. The people in these forums are very helpful and give honest opinions, reviews and suggestions about current work from home opportunities.

If you like to write start with companies that pay you to work from home and freelance write, blog or post reviews. As a blogger you will write quick and casual blogs. Some sites will pay you to upfront to blog, and others will share part of their ad revenue with you based on performance. Legitimate sites where you can get work as a blogger include and

In addition to blogging, you can start writing articles online. Otherwise known as freelance writing. For freelance writing, we have our very own St. Louis Examiner. Associated Content pays an upfront fee to writers. Helium pays revenue share for traffic generated to the site, is a great place for academic and informative writing. Constant Content is a platform to write for specific topics that people pay for. Freelance work from home jobs, should be free to start and allows you the flexibility to set your own schedule.

Work from home opportunities are plentiful in the call center and customer service occupations. Some of these companies hire employees instead of contractors which could be a great benefit. All you need is a telephone line, a computer, high-speed Internet and excellent customer service skills. West at Home and 1-800-Flowers are great places to start. AT&T and SBC hire remote workers often as a transition from their St. Louis call centers.

Finding companies that hire work from home workers on the St. Louis Craigslist page is possible, but use precaution. Most legitimate work from home jobs have a website with details and contact information. When you find a post to work from home and apply, watch the response that you get. If it has a gmail or yahoo account, 9 times out of 10, it is not legit. Some companies are just starting off and may not have a company email but use your good judgment before giving any personal information.


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