Case Study 2 – Beating Ageism


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Robert had worked as an architect at his company for almost thirty years. Over this time he had bought into the company and now owned a 33% share. This sense of ownership brought with it additional responsibilities and duties and meant that Robert worked increasingly longer hours.

With the construction industry in a progressive state of change Robert had no option but to agree a move to the other side of the city when a new project took off. This brought with it additional hours, a longer commute to and from work each day and increased pressure.

Robert however, was still incredibly energetic and ambitious despite being in his late forties. Choosing to begin a night course in computers he began a series of programs that brought him right up to date technologically.

In the midst of this added pressure at work and with his further education there was a further blow when the company lost two successive pitches for new projects. Unable to sustain their running costs the entire operation folded and Robert worked through the sad process of employee terminations.

Undeterred however, and armed with his new knowledge he resolved to find a new job. This proved to be more difficult than he had initially imagined. Now fifty years of age he saw clearly how difficult it was to convince an employer that an older candidate could add value to the operation.

Robert realized early on that he would have to prove himself at every interview by demonstrating his enthusiasm and experience and removing the focus from his age.

Finally after several unsuccessful interviews Robert got lucky. He landed a position as a Senior Architect at a new firm where the partners that interviewed him quickly gauged the weight of his message and were impressed by his flexible approach, his energy and ambition, his extensive IT knowledge and his commitment to getting the job done.

They recognized his maturity and reliability for the strengths they were and welcomed him into the company where he proved to be a real success story.

Ageism is out there, but it takes a determined approach and a will to learn and upgrading your knowledge to succeed where others have failed.


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