Case Study 1 – Ageism


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Jack was almost fifty-seven. He had a wife and two children, his wife Sarah was almost ten years his junior and working as a PA at the University not too far from their home. Their two children both in their mid twenties were happily ensconced within their professions having successfully completed their University degrees.

Jack however, was used of working. He had in fact worked for almost forty years and though he didn’t enjoy work in the same manner that he had when he was younger he continued the long commute to work each day. Workdays were stressful with the pressure on Jack to bring in higher sales and win bigger commissions. The company was growing increasingly competitive, as was the younger workforce now employed within the sales division.

Jack was already dreaming of retirement, days spent golfing, fishing, reading, playing with his grandson. With the nature of his wife’s work, she too could join him for long periods when they intended to travel Europe particularly looking forward to their visit to Italy and Spain.

Jack continued to work at a frenetic pace throughout the last years of his working life and sadly only six months into his retirement Jack suffered a heart attack and died.

Sarah and the children were all too aware of the pressure Jack experienced during those last years as he struggled to achieve his targets and meet his workload. Early retirement may not always be an option but it is a consideration when redundancy has reared its ugly head and a job search seems imminent.


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